Charlotte County, FL

     It’s easier to be in a better mood when you are in gorgeous weather all the time. At least that’s what the locals and visitors of this coastal area say. With a population of over 188,000, the culture in Charlotte is just as vibrant as its beautiful colors and water. Making Charlotte County your home can mean several hours on a dreamy, quiet beach, a delicious paradise for seafood lovers, and kayaking through untouched mesmerizing nature. Charlotte County includes the cities and towns of Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Charlotte Harbor, Rotonda West, Manasota Key, Harbour Heights, Grove City, Cleveland, Charlotte Park, and Solana.    

     Dive into some great water sports in Charlotte County. Port Charlotte Beach Park has an amazing boat ramp, pool, park fishing pier, and beach like access. Walk the trails of Kiwanis Park and boardwalk to get a glimpse and be in awe of the most wonderful variety of birds in the mid afternoons. Even better, you can see some amazing sunsets at the beautiful Spring Lake Park as you start to get in tune with the nature around you.   

     There are several crave worthy places that you’ll definitely want to keep coming back to. Come enjoy an amazing dinner at the Visani Restaurant and catch a couple laughs and giggles while you’re there with the great entertainment. Mingle with the locals and grab a drink at Banditos Bar, you’ll definitely feel right at home with the locals.

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